Our Fine Tea Selection

We believe that loose tea is the key to the best tea experience. Our finest quality loose teas are sourced by Reginald Ames and we offer 19 delightful varieties. We also have our range of specialist teas which show you just how full of character tea can be.

English Breakfast £3.00

A wonderful full taste and richness. The flavour has some light floral undertones, and when blended with milk, it produces an aroma similar to warm toast and honey.

Earl Grey Leaf with Corn Flower £3.00

This quintessentially British tea, Earl Grey with Corn Flowers is something special. With a blend from South China Assam and Darjeeling with scent of natural oil of bergamot. Corn Flowers are added to the blend for a little something extra! This creates a tea which has fragrant notes and delicate Flavour.

Darjeeling £3.50

This is a mid seasons blend of fine quality loose leaf teas. High grown tea from Darjeeling in the foothills of the Himalayas. Traditional light character with flowery notes and a soft aroma. A fine day to day Darjeeling tea.

Citrus Grey / Grey Lady £3.00

This is a citrus scented blend of loose leaf black tea with exotic flowers. A tea to really excite the taste buds! It is a great alternative to the ever popular Earl Grey. Flavoured with grapefruit, lemon, limes and orange with a crisp and delicate citrus sweet aroma and a light copper liquor. It really is a perfect tea if you are looking for a fresh, bright change to your normal tea.

Assam 2nd Flush £3.50

A bright and coppery colour. Best served black. Depending on personal taste, you can add milk, sugar, lemon, honey or mint. Strong with full flavour of malty notes.

Lapsang Osprey £3.50

This extraordinary brew can quite easily be enjoyed black, but milk, honey or lemon can also be considered as optional extras. Osprey would make a fantastic accompaniment to chocolate cake. This hearty loose tea has a pungent smoky aroma yet it’s particularly soothing to the palette, Osprey has delicious earthy and woody undertones.

Decaffeinated Breakfast Tea £3.50

This decaffeinated tea is a black loose leaf tea with lovely loose dark tea leaves. This tea has a rich aroma & dark strong liquor aroma. This tea has been through the decaffeination process using the CO2 extraction method. Caffeine free!

Green Tea

Japanese Gen Mai Cha with Rice Kernals £3.00 Genmai Cha, is also commonly known as ‘Popcorn Tea’. A mixture of Bancha green tea and toasted brown rice. Originally, it was a beverage drunk by the poor, using the rice to make every cup of green tea go a little further. However, there is a legend that suggests that in the 15th Century a samurai was sipping tea while preparing for attack, his servant Genmai, clumsily dropped a few grains of rice into his cup. Out of anger, he chopped off his head, after he had calmed down, the samurai had realised that it tasted even better. Regretting his haste, he named this new tea after servant.

Herbal Tea

Peppermint £3.25

This variety is Mentha Piperita Black sometimes called English Mint or Mint of England, one of the most fragrant of the Mint Family. Widely used for culinary purposes, medicinal uses as an essential oil and as a great fresh tasting Tisane Tea when infused with boiling water. Peppermint has been used over the centuries by the Egyptians, the Romans and the ancient Greeks who used to hang sprigs of peppermint as a symbol of hospitality. Peppermint is renown for its many medicinal properties to calm and relax the mind and soothe the body.

Chamomile Flower £3.25

A member of the daisy family, camomile flowers have been used for centuries as a traditional remedy for gastronomical pains and complaints. This Camomile tea is a soothing tea for the end of the day as it has active relaxing ingredients and is caffeine-free Chamomile (Chamamaelum nobile), one of the most well known herbal infusions. Can be mixed with lime flowers and a little honey.

Lemongrass & Ginger Herbal Infusion £3.50

Lemongrass and Ginger Tea. This loose tea version uses the best quality lemongrass and ginger root. A traditional blend that is noted for a wide variety of medicinal properties. An aid to digestion a calmer of the nerves and a good detox brew. A light lemon taste with strong ginger notes a very pleasant refreshing afternoon brew. Also Lemongrass and Ginger Tea is Caffeine-free.

Japanese Cherry Flavoured Tea with Flowers £3.50

Japanese Cherry Tea with Flowers. A warm rich Japanese Green Sencha flavoured with cherry and layered with rose petals. Cherry is very popular in Japan and this tea balances the smoothness of our Green Sencha with the slight sweetness of cherry and the exquisite taste of rose petals. A delicious avoured tea! A real must for connoisseurs.

Pear & Peach Flavoured Green Tea £3.50

A Delicious Peachy flavour which combines really well with the roundness of pear. Great aroma and overwhelming taste sensation! Caffeine Free.

Strawberry & Kiwi Fruit Infusion £3.50

Strawberry and Kiwi Fruit Tisane. Feel summer come alive with this bright infusion. Wonderful colour in the cup and waves of strawberry break through the gentle kiwi flavours to give you a great tisane. Caffeine free.

Specialist Teas

Our specialist teas are an elegant addition to any afternoon tea if you would like a to enjoy one of our four specially selected teas please let us know, a small charge of £3 will be added to your bill.

Blood Orange Rooibos £4.80

Perfect as a brew to kick-start the morning This Rooibos tea is also low in tannins and completely Caffeine free! So why not enjoy and immerse yourself in the delightful and luxurious aroma of citrus punch. Known as ‘Red Bush Tea’ and ‘Red Tea’ within the Afrikaans language, Rooibos actually originates from the Aspalathus Linearis plant, native to the mountainous Cederberg Region in South Africa. This essentially means that Rooibos ‘tea’, isn’t a tea at all! Despite this, Rooibos has been nurtured by the tea industry with its popularity steadily growing every year.

Formosa Milk Flavoured Oolong £4.90

Milky Oolong made using the nest fresh leaves one tip and two or three leaves. The leaves are then withered and then rocked to divide the leaf grade. Then the tea is gently steamed over natural milk for flavour. The result is a fantastic tea with a great aroma and sweet and malt milky taste. Soho’s Secret Tea Room favourite!

Ying Zehn £4.50

This Top Grade Silver Needle Tea is the very nest of Chinese Teas. Picked on only a few days in early spring as the fresh new buds unfurl. The tea is not oxidised or rolled but simply withered and dried by a steaming process. The loose tea leaves resemble pine needles and its taste is mellow with a slightly smoky aftertaste. Research indicates that the medicinal properties of white teas are great.

Darjeeling Muscatel Valley 1st Flush *

This exquisite Darjeeling 1st Flush tea comes from the Muscatel Valley Tea Estate. 1st Flush Teas are picked between February to mid-April, producing some of the finest quality and most sought-after blends of all the flushes. With its dark green leaf and rich golden liquor, Darjeeling 1st Flush Muscatel Valley has a top-quality character, thus earning its place as an incredibly popular Darjeeling First Flush Tea. Just like most other plants, the tea bushes found in Darjeeling go through periods of growth and then dormancy, varying with the location from where it is grown. A ‘Flush’ refers to the particular period that the tea leaves were picked, with First Flush Teas recognised as the most popular due to their delicate, floral, muscatel flavours.

* Price subject to availability. Please note Darjeeling Muscatel Valley is not included in the £3 surcharge offer.